Haddon Lake House

To Christopher Scott goes the credit for spotting the potential of the restoration of the Lake Site at Old Park, and for presenting the overall planning application.

For the application a design was required for a house that would do justice to a unique site — fortunately Michael Rainey of Rainey Petrie Architecture took up the challenge. Michael’s brief was to create a building full of light and scope to give living accommodation as well as studio space. It should be cool, contemporary, with Japanese influences, and most importantly, blend seamlessly with its landscape. Mike Rainey’s brilliant concept sketch of an Oriental influenced ‘boat house’ floating out over its lake to the west and overlooking the walled garden to the east, perfectly captured the spirit of the site, and won over the local Planners who referred to it as 'well-considered, cohesive and carefully executed.'

Once the concept had been achieved, well-known ‘eco’ architect, Simon Clark of Constructive Individuals in London was introduced to produce the detailed specification for the build, and to 'green up' the project.

Simon Clark’s input helped achieve a very high quality construction on a relatively limited budget, using 'green methods', and natural materials so that the new build sits well within the landscape. Simon Clark put much effort into making the structure as eco-friendly as possible, producing a stunning building that on the one hand is flooded with light, seductively tactile, visually mellow, wedded to its landscape…. but at the same time lean, green, comfortable and cheap to run.