Steve Lambert BA Hons

Architectural Visualisation • Graphic Design • Digital Photography

Since 2002 Steve has been working closely with architects, developers and estate agents in producing photo-quality illustrations of proposed building projects. In addition, Steve has more than twenty-years experience of preparing artwork for print and photography. In the Garden Gallery section of the website there is a selection of his garden photographs.

The gallery link on this page takes you to some ‘before and after’ samples taken from a portfolio of recent work. In the majority of these examples an actual-size three-dimensional computer model has been created from architects scale drawings. The model is then inserted into a two-dimensional high resolution digital photograph of the proposed site in the correct perspective. The final stage is to overlay the surface details and textures from a library of photographed materials in order to closely match the finished appearance of the building. Each element is added in a different layer so that the image is easy to edit should changes be necessary.

Previous clients include: I.W.County Council; Rainey Petrie Architects; Christopher Scott; S&O Mathews; South Downs College; Southern Arts Association; Roach Pittis; Harrison Black; and Harper Collins (publishers).