1862 Ordnance Survey 25" to 1 mile (above left)

One long serpentine lake with a west-east orientation is shown immediately north of Old Park house with another arm of the lake to the east of the bridge. The bridge over the lake carries an approach drive to the house, entering the pleasure grounds from the east. Within the walled gardens a regular layout of paths is indicated. A mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees have been planted to the north and west of the house, around the eastern pond and to the north of the walled gardens.

1906 Plan from the sale catalogue (above centre)

1907 Ordnance Survey 25" to 1 mile (above right)

There is a marked change between the woodland planting shown on the 1862 survey and that shown on the 1907 survey. By the time of the 1862 survey a substantial amount of amenity planting had softened the environs of Old Park, which were treeless and windswept at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The 1907 survey, however, shows much more intensive planting to the north and west of Old Park.