The Garden Today

The newly restored garden is one of many atmospheres, design themes and rich contrasts interacting within a relatively small space, but with just enough area for the transitions not to seem forced or incongruous. The diverse range of experiences in fact belie the 2 acre scale of the site.

Haddon Lake House is not an 'expert' garden and does not try for technical perfection in any sense. Apart from specialist help with tree surgery, Phillippa and Steve manage the gardens themselves in their spare time. 'Make do and mend' is the keynote — most plants being raised from seed or cuttings — and self-sufficiency is the motivation for all the growing in the walled garden. In essence, this site goes back to the philosophy of ancient gardens in sustaining the body as well as the soul.

The gardens at Haddon Lake House have been visited by many hugely talented professional photographers over the past few years. No sets of photographs are ever similar, and the unique vision of each photographer shines out of their pictures. The garden galleries showcase a selection of just some of their work.

In September 2010, Andrew Wilson, Chair of Assessors for the RHS garden shows, visited Haddon Lake House to review the gardens for the December 2010 RHS journal 'The Garden'. His article concludes:

'Some places are simply special, revealing their unique character as one arrives, drawing the visitor in with distinctive personality and presence. Haddon Lake House is such a place; one dip into its isolated beauty and you will be forever hooked'.