1774 Farm of Old Park approx. 140 acres (84 acres arable, 46 acres pasture, 10 acres wood)

1820 Old Park purchased from Charles Anderson Pelham by Thomas Haddon.

1820-32 Thomas Haddon remodels farmhouse as cottage orné, constructs new farm buildings, digs two linked lakes, builds ornamental dairy and constructs seawater bathing pool/house and mill on foreshore. Haddon also builds the walled gardens, the larger for use as a vineyard.

1863-75 Sir John Cheape adds east wing and new entrance to house and drains lake to north of house. Lower road constructed to separate house and farm traffic.

1881-89 William Spindler adds west staircase to house and modernises heating and water supply system. Massive planting scheme undertaken, involving over one million trees and shrubs with numerous shelter belts. Sub-tropical planting undertaken in pleasure grounds. Construction of greenhouses and orchid house in kitchen garden. Drainage work carried out on estate. Remaining lake re-modelled.

1906 Death of Mrs Spindler. Estate advertised for sale but remains unsold, unoccupied and on care and maintenance basis until 1948. Early 20thC Ventnor Urban Council purchases walled gardens for use as market gardens.

1939-45 Walled garden used as piggeries.

1948-62 Purchase and development of Old Park as a hotel by Mr William Thornton.

1953 Walled gardens purchased by Mr William Thornton.

1962-99 Old Park Hotel owned and run by Mr. & Mrs. Robin Thornton.

1972-99 Walled gardens used as Tropical Bird Park open to public, with woodland walk around adjacent lake.

1999 Old Park hotel sold by Mr Robin Thornton to new owners. The Lake site and walled gardens are retained but not maintained.

2001 Planning application made for lakeside new build plus restoration of landscape.

2002 Planning permission granted.

2003 Phillippa and Steve Lambert become the new owners of the Lake Site in January, and work begins shortly afterwards.